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L3VEL3 Hair Styling Spider Wax 5.07oz

by L3VEL3
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L3VEL3 Spider Wax – Fiber Texture Wax

Want to flex texture with big volume? Spin fresh styles with our spider web hair wax.

No matter how hard you hustle, your hair shouldn’t let you down. Your style should stay put and look fresh from day to night, with head-turning volume and definition. So when you’ve thought of the perfect style, lock it in place with a product that delivers all-day hold. Our unique fiber hair wax whips up height and texture that lasts and lasts. The innovative formula works just like a spiderweb, catching every strand and creating flexible yet strong styles. Application is easy and, real talk, pretty fun too. Whether you use this wax in the barber shop or at home, you’ll spin some dope and durable looks.  

Key Features

  • Innovative fiber formula gives hair the durability of a spiderweb
  • Levels-up spikes, fauxhawks, and curly undercuts with wild volume
  • Creates texture and adds medium shine for a messy, modern look
  • Flake-free finish and leaves no residue, so hair always looks fresh
  • Delivers all-day hold but washes out easily, ready for the next style

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Hair that falls flat halfway through the day… it kinda kills your vibe. So swing into action and set your style with our spider hair wax. It delivers epic all-day hold alongside big volume and texture. The formula is like no other, developed to give hair the flexibility and durability of a spiderweb. Hair feels supple but stays in place, so you can express yourself with messy spikes, high-volume fauxhawks, defined curls, and more.

Our hair styling spider wax takes texture to another level, defining every strand to give your style depth. It’s the ideal product for undercuts with longer hair on top, whether you want sharp tips or tousled waves. The unique fiber-like consistency is strong but pliable, and clings to hair for visible definition. The wax leaves a medium-shine finish that’s not too matte or too glossy, but just enough to highlight your style. 

This is also a good volume hair wax for when you need a boost. On high-top fades and fauxhawks, shape your hair up or forward to amplify your style. The wax lifts the hair and holds it securely in place, so you can go about your business and stay looking fine.

For all its strength, this is a flexible fiber wax that keeps hair manageable, not molded. It whips through hair cleanly, creating no unsightly flakes to spoil your look. The water-based formula also washes out easily, leaving no residue that could make hair look dull and unhealthy. When you’re ready for major volume, messy texture, and mad hold, weave your style with our spider hair wax.